Are You Afraid of the Influence You Carry? - Kris Vallotton

May 18, 2018

Do you see yourself as someone who is made for influence? Maybe you feel the deep calling on your life to have an impact on many people, but don’t know how to get there. Or perhaps you’re the one reading this thinking, “No way is that me!” The truth is that if you’re a Christian then you’re called to be a light, and light can’t help but impact darkness. Part of your destiny, regardless of what scale it will be on, is to influence. So what holds you back?

I think the biggest hindrance to a call to influence is the fear of not being qualified. Isn’t it funny how our insecurities scream loudest when we’re around powerful people? The fear of rejection or not being good enough will rob us of our destiny if we let them.

Check out this week’s Flashback Friday video to hear more about the mandate I feel God has given our movement to not only influence, but also to father nations:

In a nutshell:

  • I believe that God wants us to influence history! So, we need to dream big!
  • If you’re dreaming of something you can do by yourself then you’re dreaming too small.
  • Sometimes in meetings with powerful people who are leading a country or a city, I have felt an overwhelming sense that the number one thing I have to bring to the table is fatherhood.
  • The world is looking for family—for someone who cares about them not because of what they have but because of who they are.
  • Every person in the world has needs no matter how much power or money they have. Oftentimes influential people feel isolated from the ability to process with anybody because the people they process with go tell people about it.
  • The Lord wants us to move into a fathering, influencing, and discipling nations.
  • Joseph and Daniel built friendships with enemy kings of two wordly nations and transformed them from the inside out
  • Joseph built a friendship with Pharaoh, who was not a good guy at the time. When telling his brothers about his job he says that he had become a father to Pharaoh.
  • Joseph’s father died and it says in Chapter 50 of Genesis that the Israelites allowed 40 days for grieving. However, the Egyptians wept for 70 days.
  • Joseph had promised his father that he wouldn’t bury him in Egypt, but rather in the Promised Land. The Egyptians went with him, grieving along the way. This moves me to my core!
  • I have this passion to see the world that Jesus died for actually loving the Church (I’m not talking about worldliness here).
  • There are people that are hungry for God that don’t know Him, and it’s our job to love them like fathers and mothers do.

We Can’t Do Nothing

So today I want to exhort you to not let fear and insecurity get in the way of your God-given mandate to influence the world! You already carry the very thing that you need. You are a son or daughter of a loving Father, and you’ve been adopted into a big family. It’s out of that place that you’ll step into being a mother or father, by being in relationship with the ultimate Father.

The world is looking for family—for people who care for them because they’re people, not because of their influence or money. Many of them have encountered God in ways they don’t understand. When we as believers learn to humbly love, serve and honor these leaders I know that something powerful will begin to happen. We will help them understand the ways that God has been speaking to them and nations will begin to turn their hearts to the King of kings!

Practically, what does this look like? It means taking God out of the box we sometimes put him in, it means going low and getting rid of our judgments against people who don’t yet know Him, and it means knowing the Father’s heart so that it overflows from us into the world around us! How else do you see us stepping into this mandate? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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