Are You the Jealous Type? - Kris Vallotton

March 24, 2017

Have you ever noticed that Jesus had favorites? It’s offensive for some people to realize this, but when we read the Scriptures it’s clear that He had a special place for Peter, James and John. Could you imagine how the other nine disciples felt when Jesus spent special time with the three “special guys” and left them out? Ouch, right!? The same thing is true today as God has placed special favor on certain individuals in the world. It’s easy to get jealous when we see others getting special treatment, having giftings we want, or given a special place of leadership. Today I’d love to share some healthy ways to deal with the jealousy. The truth is jealousy may come up in your heart when you face the reality that people will be exalted above you in different seasons, so here’s another Flashback Friday video to help:

Did you know that the gift of discernment can keep you out of jealousy? Most people think of discernment as seeing what kinds of evil spirits are hanging around a person. Maybe you can read people like a book, but somehow you’re only picking up on the bad? This is a twisted version of discernment and if this is how you usually operate in your gift, I have good news for you today! There’s freedom from the darkness when you allow your gift to be anointed by Holy Spirit and start discerning the favor on the lives of the people around you! Today I want to encourage you to look for the favor on others, get low, and receive from the way God is moving on the people around you! Have you ever had to work through this in your own heart? Or are you dealing with jealousy now? I’d love to hear about your process in the comments below!

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