Can the Isis Issue Be Solved? - Kris Vallotton

November 15, 2015

People kill, steal, and destroy, ultimately because they are under the power of the evil one.

It’s true that LOVE protects, and that governments have the right and the responsibility to protect their citizens with force if necessary. For example, I don’t know many people who would advocate getting rid of their police department because we all realize that cities must protect their citizens.

But on the other hand, it is also equally true that protecting people with force doesn’t deal with the real root issues of violence, as many pointed out in my last blog.

The ISIS issue is multifaceted and complicated. ISIS must be eliminated as an organization because they have dedicated themselves to killing and destroying others. Yet, individually every one of them needs to be loved.

The deeper truth is that violence never solves the real issues of life. For instance, when a mass murderer is caught and put into prison, we all breathe a sigh of relief, but we all know that imprisoning a person doesn’t deal with their heart.

ISIS is a heart problem that only Jesus can solve. Jesus loves these people as deeply as He loves anyone else. They are sinners like all of us were, who long for the Savior.

Therefore, it is encumbered upon us as believers to pray for and long for the real solution, which is only found in Jesus for these people who are lost.

It is also paramount that we realize our real battle is ultimately not with flesh and blood. There are demonic forces that are at work trying to destroy humans however they can.

Those of us who know God are commissioned to pull down these strongholds that manipulate people to do evil. It’s in this place of prayer that real victories are won and sustainable solutions are established.

This is the tension that we live in: protecting the innocent while we pray for a shift in the hearts of those who are bent on evil.

As I said before, may each of these people have a Damascus Road encounter and find real answers to their hearts cry in Jesus! #kvm #ISIS

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