Context for Justice Part 1 - Kris Vallotton

December 12, 2015


At 6 o’clock in the morning on December 20th, 2006, I had a shocking dream. In this dream, I was sitting next to God on His throne. From the throne we could hear screaming coming from the Earth. It was the kind of blood curdling screaming I had heard only once in my life when a pack of coyotes circled a young doe behind my house in Weaverville in the middle of the night. They ate the doe alive as she screamed for help for several minutes.

The Father was sitting on His throne holding the earth in His hands (it was three times the size of a normal globe). He leaned over it as if to investigate the noise. Just then I became aware that it was the cries of children in the womb of their mothers screaming for help as they were being eaten by acid in saline abortions. The Father began to weep uncontrollably. His tears turned to rain, which poured over the earth. In the dream, I knew He was not just grieving for the children, but he wept for the mothers also.

With tears running down His cheeks, He stared right into my eyes. I could feel Him looking deep into my soul, and I could see eternity in His eyes. Then He spoke to me, saying, “You must write that book!” (I was writing a book on sexual purity).

The scene changed, and suddenly I was viewing pictures on a computer screen of aborted children in plastic binders. They were gross, bloody body parts. In the dream, I clicked on the different ones and a video of their entire life would begin to play. I knew this was their intended destiny. Then I woke in utter grief.

Encounter with the Jewish Business Man on the Plane

A month before that dream, I was coming home from Atlanta and I sat next to a Jewish businessman on the plane. I got a chance to give him a business plan for his shoe manufacturing business, which had never been profitable. In the midst of our conversation, he told me that he was a liberal agnostic Jew.

About three hours passed. He suddenly got a strange look on his face and asked, “What do you think about abortion?”

I was taken back but answered, “Do you know how Hitler convinced the Germans to destroy more than 6 million of your Jewish ancestors? He convinced the Germans that the Jews were not human.

“Do you know how the Americans enslaved, tortured and killed millions of Africans? We dehumanized them so that our constitution didn’t apply to them and then we treated them like animals.

“Do you understand how we got permission to kill our young in the womb? We took the word fetus, which is the Latin word ‘offspring’ and redefined it to dehumanize our unborn. Now our constitution no longer protects them because they are not considered human.

“The Jews and Africans should be the greatest defenders of the unborn. But African-Americans have the highest abortion rate in the United States.”

He turned to me and said, “I have been hanging around with the wrong people! I have been deceived!”


The truth is that most of the world has been deceived and many Christians believe the answer to the entire issue is a reversal of Roe vs. Wade. Although I believe completely in overturning these laws, laws can’t make mothers love their children. The whole idea of having to write laws to keep mothers from killing their own offspring should tell us that there is a much deeper issue in our land than bad laws. For instance, what if the only reason I don’t murder my wife is because the law says I can’t? You’ve got to know that there is something seriously wrong with my marriage.

To make the origin of life matter worse, our Supreme Court judges define what women carry in their womb by how it is terminated instead how it is conceived. Let me give you an example of what I mean.

In 2005 Scott Peterson murdered his wife and her offspring. She was seven months pregnant when she died. The same court system that allows women to abort their fetus until the third trimester in the name of “a fetus is not really a human being and therefore isn’t protected by our constitution,” charged Scott Peterson with a double murder! Think about it; is there anything else, anywhere else in the entire world that is defined by the circumstances of its termination rather than the origin of its conception?

For instance, can you image running a vehicle into a wall on purpose and then calling it just an iron ore mineral deposit, but if it is in an accident, then it is redefined to be an automobile? How stupid would it be to classify a vehicle by its termination rather than by its conception? But our court system does it every day!


The injustice continues when certain elements of society insist on calling those who are pro-abortion, “pro-choice.” The question isn’t “Does a woman get to chose,” but when does she get to choose? It is apparent that pro-choice people think conception is something that is caught, a disease, something that couldn’t be helped, yet in nearly every case, the act of sexual intercourse that resulted in conception was a choice made by a man and a woman, an act of their will. But when does the child’s will matter? When do they get to choose?

The rights of the innocent are terminated in the silent screams of children who protest against their own death in horrible pain. For what began as a warm, safe haven suddenly turns into a chamber of death. It is here, in the dark and lonely cavern of its mother’s womb that the baby screams in terror for his mommy’s help. But she won’t rescue him, for she is the one who wields the sword. The question remains: WHY?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article.

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