Debunked: Common Misconceptions of Prophetic Ministry - Kris Vallotton

April 7, 2017

How do you feel about the prophetic words spoken over you? Do you love every one of them, or do some of them feel scary to you? Have you seen them all come to fruition in your life? I’ve seen so much growth in body of Christ in recent years, teaching people how to hear from God and how to prophesy. I love that we’re seeing prophetic communities develop all around the world! I think it’s so important that as we grow, we keep ourselves anchored in biblical truth regarding what prophecy is and what it isn’t. For today’s Flashback Friday, I want to speak to some common misconceptions regarding prophetic ministry. Check it out:

How are you developing the prophetic culture in your community? It’s so important that we raise up ministers of the prophetic who operate in maturity and love, never partnering with manipulation. I want to encourage you to be a catalyst for stewardship of the prophetic in your community! What’s one step that you can take towards that today? As we learn to judge prophetic words and allow Holy Spirit to guide us as we filter what He’s saying, we will have greater clarity and revelation. Clarity will empower us to place value on the right prophetic words, accelerating us into the power the word carries!

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