Is Your House Haunted, Part 1 - Kris Vallotton

March 19, 2009

There are hordes of believers that are convinced that the “old man” who has died in their house has come back to haunt them!  Some folks spend their entire life kicking a dead corpse, wrestling a carcass and wasting their energy on an enemy that is already dead.  Meanwhile, the real foe laughs sarcastically through the prison bars of their life.  These Christians live on house arrest.  Like spiritual archeologists, they spend most of their time digging in the graveyard of their old life, hoping to unearth some hidden treasure of hope, only to discover the dry bones of discouragement.  But the truth is that Christ is the ultimate body snatcher!  When we received Jesus and were baptized, our “old man” was drowned in the sea of crucifixion and our new man was raised in the likeness of Christ!

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