Liberty to Captives - Kris Vallotton

October 12, 2016

Isaiah said that there were people who were “captives.” Captives are people who have been captured in battle and held as prisoners of war. These people do not have unforgiveness in their hearts, but instead are bound by the lies they have believed. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32). The word truth here means “reality.” So many of us live in a “virtual reality”; it feels real and looks real, but it isn’t real. It is just an illusion. We give the devil permission to punish us because we think his lies are true. When we are tormented because of lies we need a revelation of the truth of God so we can escape to freedom.


This testimony will make my point clearer. One day I was teaching upstairs in the School of Ministry and about halfway through my sermon someone came running up to me with an urgent message. We ran downstairs together, finally arriving at our counselor’s office. About eight people were fervently praying outside the room. I opened up the office door to a wild scene. A very large woman was on the floor face-down with one of our strongest maintenance workers on top of her, trying to restrain her. Two of our counselors were standing up against the wall with the lady’s arms wrapped around their legs. She was biting their shoes and growling at them.

The first question in my mind was, “Why do the demons have permission to torment this woman? Was she a prisoner who had sin and/or unforgiveness issues in her life, or was she a captive who believed a lie?” I got on the floor and began to ask the Holy Spirit for insight into her bondage.

Suddenly I heard Him say, “When she was a little girl she was told that she blasphemed the Holy Spirit and was therefore banished to hell.” The Spirit continued, “It’s a lie. I have forgiven her.”

Blaspheme the Holy Spirit

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “The devil told you when you were a little girl that you blasphemed the Holy Spirit, but it’s a lie! You never did that. Renounce that lie.” She immediately calmed down and began to laugh. Within seconds she was completely delivered. Knowing the truth will make you free!

From Prison to the Palace

We must leave the prison behind to come into the palace. People of royalty focus on who they are called to be. They have forgiven those who have hurt them, they have rejected the lies of the enemy, and they have embraced the truth.They don’t live in the bondage of prison but in the wholeness of the palace. Let our journey as royalty begin!

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