The Number One Way to Get Unstuck in Life - Kris Vallotton

July 10, 2017

Many people think their circumstances are the reason behind why they aren’t prospering in life. They think, “When I get a new job…” or “Whenever I can pay off my loans…” or maybe even “When I get married…” that life will begin to change. Some of us are always waiting for life to happen. We’re stuck, waiting for an “aha!” moment to interrupt the mundane and kickstart our lives into something grand. But the truth is that it’s not what’s happening to us, but rather our perspective on what’s happening to us, that actually affects our lives.

Work Your Magic

So many of us are waiting for a big event or magic moment, but the magic isn’t in the moment; it’s in the mind! The catalyst for change in our lives is in how we’re thinking about the circumstances we’re in. In Proverbs 29:18 it says, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained, But happy is he who keeps the law.” Vision is more than a mission or purpose. It’s a picture in our minds of what life is actually supposed to look like. And when we can grasp an actual God vision for our lives, we will un-wedge from the mental hard places we’ve driven ourselves into and unlock the abundant life that Jesus desires for us.

Check out today’s Monday Motivation that I took from one of my Facebook Live videos for more on getting unstuck in life:


 In a nutshell:

  • Great leaders have a vision, and they have faith for the vision to come to pass.
  • Without a vision people perish, or go unrestrained, so they do whatever it takes to avoid pain to find pleasure.
  • When you have a vision it gives your pain a purpose. But when you don’t have a vision, you avoid pain at all cost.
  • Vision keeps us out of snares and keeps us focussed on our “yes” in life.

Takeaway for the Week

This week I want to challenge you with this thought: how can having a vision for this season impact your life for the better? Could it help you break out of a sin struggle? Or maybe it will help you get free from depression or hopelessness? Perhaps it will impact the teams or the family you are leading? Get a vision for the purpose of a vision in your life. Then, if you don’t already have one, sit down with God and ask Him to show you a vision, even if it’s a lamp-unto-your-feet small step. I bless you this week to get up every day and free angels! I’d love to hear the vision for your season or even for your life in the comments!

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