Religion is Killing Our Babies - Kris Vallotton

September 2, 2015

Lying agendas that keep people in denial and deception have been common throughout the ages. In the early 1600s, a scientist named Galileo, through the invention of the telescope, observed that the earth revolved around the sun and not the sun around the earth.

The Church was the political force of that day, and Galileo’s scientific discovery was opposed to the Church’s theology, so they tried him as a heretic. The Church authorities forced him to renounce his discoveries and placed him under house arrest, where he lived out the last years of his life. Galileo was not allowed to state the obvious because it was politically incorrect. Through a highly developed system of punishment, the Church of that day relegated the general public to ignorance and lies.

Religion Still Rules The World

Although religion still rules supreme in the political arena, it is no longer the Church that defines the political agenda of the post-modern age, but the religion of Secular Humanism.

Secular Humanism is to our day what the Church was to Galileo’s day. Humanism controls popular thought and, through a highly developed system of punishment, holds the contemporary intellect in ignorance, making it costly to acknowledge the obvious and embrace the observable.

The Church built beautiful cathedrals where the ministers would stand and proclaim their philosophies, molding the minds of their constituents and defining their realty. But in the post-modern era, you don’t have to go to church anymore because it comes to you.

The television and social networking of today are the cathedrals of yesterday, and the media is the priesthood of Secular Humanism. With well-defined doctrines and highly aggressive evangelistic crusades, these high priests work to proselytize unbelievers and crucify those who won’t convert.

You might say, “I don’t see the media trying anyone in court as heretics like the Church did. We live in a modern world where many different views are welcome. America is the land of free speech.” Well, if you believe that, then just try telling someone in the news media that you don’t believe that homosexuality is normal or that abortion isn’t ok. You will discover what Galileo and his contemporaries experienced in their day—intense persecution! As far as Secular Humanists are concerned, you only have a right to their opinion!

He Who Has the Gold Rules

Many doctors and scientists (not all of them) have bent to this political pressure and refuse to acknowledge the observable. It’s important to note here that scientists who believe in something that is politically incorrect today may not get arrested as they did in Galileo’s day. They will, however, be poor for the rest of their lives because the political system controls the funding for most of the scientific community. In other words, being politically incorrect as a scientist is financial suicide! Make no mistake about it; abortion is a 90 billion dollar industry that drives a huge part of our global economy. The Civil War was really fought over this same premise. The southern states didn’t want to give up slavery because they had an agricultural economy, and inexpensive slave labor was driving much of it. History does repeat itself!

Invention Is Supposed to Lead to Innovation

When Galileo perfected the telescope (he didn’t actually invent it), a whole new world was discovered. Many previous theories became outdated, and astronomy took a huge step forward, or at least it tried to. Today, the sonogram is to modern medicine what the telescope was to the astronomers of Galileo’s age. We can now observe the development of fetuses in the womb and see how they respond to different conditions interjected into their tiny environment. What we have learned about early fetal development through the advent of the sonogram is no less than astounding. It should be completely altering the modern view of abortion because we can now witness with our own eyes the fact that the fetus feels pain and fights for the right to live as it is literally eaten alive by saline solution (acid) that is injected into its mother’s womb to abort it. But the extreme political pressure that is being applied by the Humanist high priests is keeping us in the dark ages of religious doctrines and holding us to theories that are seriously outdated.

Scientists That Lie

It is absurd that modern science has worked unceasingly in order to recreate, through artifacts billions of years old, the history of prehistoric creatures and propose a complete account of the ecosystem that existed millions of years ago, while simultaneously hemming and hawing persistently over asserting the idea that a fetus is a baby. How serious does the scientific community think we should take them when they try to explain the evolution of man through a process of millions of years, citing what they call “evidence” in the fossil record, carbon dating, chromosome precedent, and mathematical equations, while refusing to acknowledge the origin of life in the womb of a woman? If the origin of human life can be so perverted by modern science, it leaves any thinking person wondering how scientific presuppositions affect the rest of their scientific theories.

It takes guts!

To date, many modern scientists have not had the courage of Galileo but instead have succumbed to the pressure of the religious humanist agenda and exchanged facts for fallacies and fables. Where are the Galileos of our day? Where are the brave souls with brilliant minds who refuse to let the presuppositions of past generations and political agendas of special interest groups pervert their scientific discoveries? Leading scientists need to break the shackles of this religious spirit and enlighten us about the true origin of human life in the womb of a woman. They need to verify the observable and testify as expert witnesses in the highest courts of our land. The earth does revolve around the sun, and a fetus is a human being!

Reformers Take Your Places

In our day, this issue holds an urgency that our scientific forefathers didn’t face in Galileo’s day. How many people suffered over false suppositions of the earth’s orbit? None! But the ramifications of fetus misidentification are killing children at the rate of 89 babies per minute, worldwide. That means that in the time it took you to read this line, two children were killed just because some people don’t believe that they are really human beings. Now that is a staggering reality! More children have died at the hands of abortion doctors in this country since Roe v. Wade than have died in all the wars put together in American history. And the 90 billion dollar question is: why?

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