The Context for Justice Part 2 - Kris Vallotton

December 14, 2015

This is part 2 of a series on The Context for Justice.

The rights of the innocent are terminated in the silent screams of children who protest against their own death in horrible pain. For what began as a warm, safe haven suddenly turns into a chamber of death. It is here, in the dark and lonely cavern of its mother’s womb that the baby screams in terror for his mommy’s help. But she won’t rescue him, for she is the one who wields the sword. The question remains: WHY?

The Process of Desecration

Part of the answer lies in our history. In the agricultural age, children worked the fields as free labor. This culture encouraged people to have large families. The larger a family, the wealthier their lineage became. This is the reason why we have three-month-long summer vacations because children worked the fields during the harvest.

Industrial age children moved from being a benefit to becoming a burden because they no longer generated income, but they still needed to be cared for. Things grew even worse in the Second World War because mothers had to go to work to support the war effort. As women entered the work force for the first time, children became a logistical nightmare as society transitioned from a maternal to a militaristic culture.

Women’s Liberation

Another culture shift that has destroyed the maternal instinct is the women’s liberation movement. With the advent of women’s rights came the redefinition of feminine roles. Because men controlled the value systems of society, they determined what virtues were held in honor and which were distained. Men basically said to women, “If you want to have the same rights as we do, then you have to be like us, because we don’t really know how to have value for someone who is different from us.” (I wonder what would have happened if women had responded by swapping jobs with men for a week and letting their husbands stay home with the kids for a while.) This resulted in masculine virtues being esteemed while maternal roles were demeaned. Consequently, women gained equal rights through gender cloning and role distinctions were viewed as stereotyping.

When society’s maternal value eroded, mothers felt “trapped” at home, raising their children while watching other women join men in the adventurous world of the workforce. It wasn’t long before children became the stumbling stones of the great adventure, and they were sacrificed on the altar of materialism.

Science and Evolution

One of the greatest factors of the devaluation of human life in the twenty first century is the theory of evolution. Evolution has taken away the value of human life and has reduced mankind to a smart ape. We used to hunt animals and protect children, now we protect animals and kill our children.

But with so many people moving in the supernatural and miracles becoming commonplace, science has its hands full trying to defend such an outrageous hypothesis.

If just one miracle in all of history is real, then any thinking person has to ask himself a question: If something happens that defies the laws of nature, then isn’t it true that creation itself could have come into being from another dimension? For example, if I set up the rules of chess and define how each piece can move on the board and, therefore, attack it’s opponent, does that relegate me, as the creator of the game, to keeping the rules of the game? Or does the very fact that I developed the game give me permission to transcend the rules?

Furthermore, does it mean that because I develop these rules, I live in them myself… In other words, are the laws of nature the limits of God, or are they His rules for the game of life?

Is it the responsibility of scientists to restrict their discovery to the laws of nature in the material world, leaving all other dimensions out of their realm and sphere of study? If this is correct, what do scientists do with miracles that transcend the laws of nature? If one miracle is true…doesn’t that prove that something and/or someone operates outside the game of life itself? If someone or something operates outside the rules of the chess game of life, how much of this transcending behavior accounts for observable creation?

If the laws of nature are being transcended by the spirit realm (for example, a tumor is instantly gone with a prayer), is it not the business of science to discover the transcendent behavior of a superior realm? How can any intelligent, thinking person say he believes in the truth if he refuses to acknowledge the obvious?

If the spirit realm transcends material jurisdiction through the manifestation of miracles (miracles are, by definition, anything that operates outside the laws of nature), then does the invisible dimension operate outside of a definable, explainable and logical set of values? In other words, does the spirit world also have a system of order and government that can be observed in the same way scientists discover the mysteries of the material realm through observation and experimentation?

Paul said, “Now concerning the spiritual, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware” (1 Corinthians 12:1). Although the spirit world is not visible with a telescope or a microscope, the effects of the spirit realm are discernible and observable. Jesus put it this way, “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8). When the spirit world breaks into the natural realm, the impact can often be detected. But can it be forecasted? Or is Jesus saying that the spirit world is unpredictable?

Order is the character of God, not just the nature of materialism. Order exists in nature because it is present in the person of God. The spirit world has a highly developed eco system that, although different from the visible realm, is still very prevalent. Miracles in this world are natural in the spiritual dimension. Another way to express it is that what is supernatural in the visible empire is natural in the spirit realm. Miracles are simply the observable result of a superior kingdom being superimposed over an inferior territory or a more highly developed ecological system breaking into a descended reality.

Religion is Killing Us

Religion has taken its toll on devaluing our offspring. In the early 1600’s, through the invention of the telescope, the scientist Galileo observed that the earth revolved around the sun and not the sun around the earth. But the Catholic Church, which was the political force of the day, tried him as a heretic and eventually put him under house arrest, where he lived out the last years of his life. Galileo was not allowed to state the obvious because it was politically incorrect. Through a highly developed system of punishment, people were relegated to ignorance, wives’ tales, and lies.

Humanism is the religion that defines political correctness in our day. Humanism is to our day what the Catholic Church was to Galileo’s day. Humanism controls popular thought and, through a highly developed system of punishment, holds the modern intellect in ignorance, making it costly to acknowledge the obvious and embrace the observable.

The television of today is the cathedral of yesterday, and the media is the priesthood of humanism. With a well-defined doctrine and a highly aggressive evangelistic crusade, these “priests” work to proselytize unbelievers and crucify those who won’t convert.


Many scientists have bent to this political pressure and refuse to acknowledge the observable. The sonogram is to modern medicine what the telescope was to the astronomers of Galileo’s age. We can now observe life and the effects abortion has on a fetus, but political pressure keeps us in the dark ages of religious doctrine and holds us to theories that are seriously outdated.

It is absurd to think that, through artifacts billions of years old, modern science can recreate the history of prehistoric creatures and then give us a complete account of their environment and the eco system that existed millions of years ago but they can’t seem to figure out that a fetus is a baby.

How seriously do scientists think we should take them when they try to explain the evolution of man through a process of millions of years, citing evidence in the fossil record, carbon dating, chromosome precedent, and mathematical inquisitions, but refuse to acknowledge the origin of life in the womb of a woman. If the definition of the origin of human life in the womb of a woman can be so perverted by modern science, any thinking person should wonder how scientific presuppositions affect the rest of scientists’ theories.

To date, modern scientists have not had the courage of Galileo, but instead have succumbed to the pressure of the religious humanist agenda and exchanged facts for fallacies and fables. Where are the Galileo’s of our day? Where are the brave souls with brilliant minds that refuse to let the presuppositions of past generations, and political agendas of special interest groups, pervert their scientific discoveries?

Leading scientists need to break the shackles of this religious spirit and enlighten us as to the origin of human life in the womb of a woman. They need to verify the observable and testify as expert witnesses in the highest courts of our land.


What do you think? How has history underminded the value of human life? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Part 3 of the series is upcoming.

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