The Internet Police - Kris Vallotton

March 17, 2016

I love to post statements on Facebook and see how people respond. There are always those that feel like it’s their job to police the cloud. They scour the Internet, diligently searching for those they deem as violators of Truth whom they view as false teachers or false prophets. Like secret agents, they hide their identities and conceal their faces (it does seem a little odd to be on Facebook and not show your face, but I guess that’s normal for secret agents). Disguising themselves as a friend or a fan, they try to hijack their foes’ Facebook train to undermine the engineer and derail their cars. Of course, they ignore the fact that they have violated their own code of ethics by lying to board this train in the first place. But the end justifies the means; after all, they are here to bring truth and justice the American Way.

Next comes the zealous stand for truth in which they dogmatically rush headfirst into the fray waving their swords and shouting their disapproval. “We believe the Bible,” they contend. “We stand for the Word of God,” they protest. The connotation is that I don’t! From their perspective, anybody who disagrees with them is a part of the end-time, apocalyptic army of anti-Christ warriors. And because violators of the truth are labeled as “deceivers,” the principles of sisterhood and brotherhood (that are so firmly rooted in the Book they deemed to be protecting) are set aside for the greater sake of the “Kingdom”.

Theological Police Department

I really have come to enjoy messing with them. I’ll post something on my Facebook page just to stir them up and make them think. It’s actually kind of fun to throw out an idea and watch how the “Theological Police Department” deals with the crime. Empowering women is definitely on their “Most Wanted List.” When I post something like, “women are to be equally powerful and yet distinctly different,” you can see the red lights coming and hear the sirens screaming towards the scene of the crime: guns drawn, shields up and badges exposed. These folks deem themselves as experts in the law. Much like an attorney would argue over legal documents, they scrutinize the Scriptures like a biologist dissecting a frog.

It’s a violation of ethics for the Scripture Police to even consider the contextual or situational expression of Truth (unless of course it helps to perpetuate their own agenda). Arrests are made, and prisoners are taken when you try to point out to them that there is an obvious flaws in their argument because the Bible often shares two opposing ideas, both in a favorable light. But they refuse to listen to reason because thinking is strictly forbidden; it’s considered rationalizing away the Truth and compromising the Word of God.

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