What to Do When You Don't Hear God - Kris Vallotton

May 5, 2017

Are you struggling to hear God this season? The worst thing you can do in a season like this is believe the lie that God has stopped speaking to you. If you’re waiting for an audible voice from heaven to come booming down, it’s highly unlikely that this will happen. Think about this: In the Scriptures,Jesus rarely answers a direct question with a direct audible answer. His parables weren’t always the easiest to unravel and often left mysteries hanging in the air, only to be grasped by the ones who pressed in to know more. He was hiding His word so that the hungry and humble people could find it. Jesus ultimately and deeply desires relationship with us, and He draws us into knowing Him through His voice. It could be that even if you’re not hearing God in this season, He really is speaking. So what are you missing? Watch this week’s Flashback Friday video for more:

Considering that God hides His word for us, how can you be pressing into Him in this season? I want you invite you today to repent, to turn away from thinking that the One who is the Living Word has stopped speaking, and grasp onto the truth that He is eager to meet with you. His priority is relationship and He has so much He wants to say to you today. Let’s tune our ears to His frequency, put down the boxes we expect Him to fit into, and turn our hearts towards our loving Father. I release clarity over you today and a grace to align yourself with God’s voice! Have you ever had a shift in the way you hear from God? How did you work through that? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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