Why I’m Voting this Election - Kris Vallotton

October 28, 2016

Silencing The Political Spirit

Have the options set before you this election made you feel stuck as you attempt to figure out who the “least unrighteous” candidate is? I’ve heard many people say that they so badly wanted to believe in a candidate this year, but they feel unsure of who to get behind. They even fear that they’ll be casting their vote anxiously, unsure of what the future will bring under their chosen candidate. I believe that some of this pressure is coming from the narrative that a political spirit has been turning in the last year. It’s running rampant to cause division, anxiety and anger. This spirit divides and sets up a “good guy” and “bad guy” in its story about our nation, usually villainizing both candidates in the process. It sets their mistakes under a microscope and tells us to analyze and make judgement calls, then plasters the judgements over every bit of media it can get to partner with it. For those who are watching the story unfold, this freezing of our minds and fear over our hearts can cause us to shut down and choose to not vote. However, if we choose not to vote, we’re handing our power over and letting other people make decisions for us. I want to encourage you, if you’re feeling that your vote won’t make a difference, consider this: if everyone thought like that, then the very few people who did vote would be controlling all policy.

The truth is that there is no perfect candidate, just like there is no perfect voter. If we take a second to zoom out and gain some perspective, it becomes clear that whoever is running for a political office will have flaws, sin, and a past that has both good and bad moments. This is common among humans. So let’s take off the pressure to figure out who is the most righteous as we, too, are imperfect. If we can separate ourselves from the political spirit, we will be able to see this election clearly and focus on what really is important to us individually. The choices we have for president are unique this season, but I still have hope in the X factor: a good God who is able to lead imperfect people in an extremely troubled world.

The Heart I’ve Found in Politicians

In the last few years I’ve had the honor of getting to know great people who work in politics, on a local and national level. As I’ve dived into this world, I’ve had to adjust some of my thinking because I’ve found that most politicians are actually trying to do the right thing. This was honestly surprising to me, because when I see them on talk shows my mind jumps to thinking, “they’re wrong,” or “they’re not thinking their decisions through.” The media often paints things as black and white, but when you actually get to sit down and talk to these leaders, you’ll find that most things are rarely black and white. Most government leaders are doing their best with the information they have to make some very hard decisions on some very complicated issues.

So as I continue to understand the world of government and separate my thinking from the political spirit, it becomes clear to me that casting a vote this election is actually very empowering. Even though I won’t be voting for a “perfect leader,” I know that I’ll be voting for someone who I hope is probably trying to do the right thing. I encourage you to pray as you process through the choices ahead of you, to gain insight and wisdom from Holy Spirit about how to move forward with your vote.

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