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  • Germinate: Letting Things Die So That They Could Live

    All TypesPodcasts - April 28, 2017


    Love has won! Jesus has risen from the grave, and we have risen with Him. Kris masterfully weaves multiple resurrection accounts from different gospels and the story of Lazarus to narrate a beautiful overview of the Easter story. How does God does germinate promises which might even feel like they are dead? This encouraging message …

  • The Challenge with Attending Christian Conferences

    All TypesBlog Posts - April 28, 2017


    How many Christian conferences have you been to? I see so many people these days jumping from one conference to another, collecting revival hotspot badges along the way, as if being in a place where God is moving is a trophy for our Facebook or Instagram page. But after the conference, do you see the …

How to Flood Your World with God’s Transforming Power

Here is the guidance and inspiration you need to become a vessel that catches the downpour of the Spirit’s rain–and helps release God’s Kingdom like a flood.

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