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  • 3 Keys For Creating Breakthrough In The Places You Feel Stuck

    All TypesBlog Posts - December 13, 2017

    Are you stuck in a cycle you can’t get out of? Maybe it’s a cycle of insecurity, lack, or perhaps unhealthy relationships? Last week we talked about 5 ways to break negative cycles, and today I want to give you some more tools for taking ownership of life and moving into the abundance of joy, …

  • How To Find Rest In The Storms Of Life

    All TypesBlog Posts - December 11, 2017

    A reality of life is that sometimes we encounter storms and troubled waters. Whether it’s financial stress, relational turmoil, sickness, or loss and grief, the storms come and we weather them. So how did Jesus sleep through the storm? He held keys to peace that we all have access to, if we will take hold …

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