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  • How I Learned That There Is No Such Thing As a Secular Job

    All TypesBlog Posts - September 25, 2017


    Did you know that I haven’t always worked for a Church? About 40 years ago I was a car mechanic and Kathy and I owned several car repair shops in Northern California. I didn’t “grow up in the church,” so when I was saved I had a lot to learn. Back in those early days …

  • Don’t Allow Pain to Steal Your Place of Belonging

    All TypesBlog Posts - September 22, 2017


    Do you have a hard time feeling connected in the church? Perhaps you go to Sunday services but don’t really consider it your home or family. Maybe you even get frustrated with how things are run, but never really dive in to be a part of the solution? If we’re being real, there’s a very …

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