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  • The Power of Belonging: Part 1

    All TypesPodcasts - January 20, 2017


    Every one of us was wired for connection–without it, we cannot live as our truest selves. What would happen if we truly knew we belonged and that we were loved in spite of everything we’ve ever done? In this sermon, Kris shares the story of the woman at the well to illustrate the power of …

  • Broken People Held Together with Duct Tape

    All TypesBlog Posts - January 20, 2017


    Didn’t we all think we were cool in high school? I sure did. Many of us are probably still trying to fit in in some way or another. Check out this video as I share a story about what I was like in high school. One thing that hasn’t changed since then is my love …

How to Flood Your World with God’s Transforming Power

Here is the guidance and inspiration you need to become a vessel that catches the downpour of the Spirit’s rain–and helps release God’s Kingdom like a flood.

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