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  • 4 Ways to Hope in the Face of Hopeless Situations

    All TypesBlog Posts - August 17, 2017


    What The Valley of Dry Bones Can Teach Us Today When Ezekiel entered the valley of dry bones, the outlook was bleak; death hung over the battlefield like a thick dark cloud of gloom. Then suddenly, God rocked Ezekiel’s world when He asked the prophet a ridiculous question: “Can these bones live?” The great prophet …

  • Why Our Souls Matter

    All TypesBlog Posts - August 14, 2017


    I know so many Christians spend their lives working on “not living by the flesh.” We take care of our spirits, and some may even take good care of their bodies, but our souls are often the most neglected parts of our beings. Our souls are where our metaphorical hearts live. I am fully convinced …

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