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  • 10 Simple Ways to Destroy Fear

    All TypesBlog Posts - March 27, 2017


    Fear is not your friend Fear probably steals more people’s destinies than anything else. Ask yourself what you would do if you were ten times bolder. If you answered anything other than what you are doing, then fear is already reducing your destiny! Courageous people are not fearless, they are people who refuse to let …

  • Are You the Jealous Type?

    All TypesBlog Posts - March 24, 2017


    Have you ever noticed that Jesus had favorites? It’s offensive for some people to realize this, but when we read the Scriptures it’s clear that He had a special place for Peter, James and John. Could you imagine how the other nine disciples felt when Jesus spent special time with the three “special guys” and …

How to Flood Your World with God’s Transforming Power

Here is the guidance and inspiration you need to become a vessel that catches the downpour of the Spirit’s rain–and helps release God’s Kingdom like a flood.

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