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  • Can You Mess Up God’s Plan for Your Life?

    All TypesBlog Posts - May 26, 2017


    Have you ever needed to make a decision and felt the weight of the world sitting on your shoulders? In these times it’s so easy to feel like we can mess it all up. It’s a really challenging thing to come to a crossroad in life and not feel like the stakes are high. I …

  • 9 Things I’ve Learned from Ministering to Kings

    All TypesBlog Posts - May 24, 2017


    In the last few years I’ve had the great honor of meeting with kings and world leaders, having opportunities to give them prophetic words, and seeing them touched by the love of God. I know that God has called me into this realm and therefore He’s equipped me with a special grace for it. I …

How to Flood Your World with God’s Transforming Power

Here is the guidance and inspiration you need to become a vessel that catches the downpour of the Spirit’s rain–and helps release God’s Kingdom like a flood.

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