7 Kingdom Values for Prophetic Communities - Kris Vallotton

July 13, 2016

I have been training people in prophetic ministry for 25 years. I love teaching everyday Believers how to hear God and walk in power.

Kingdom Values for Prophetic Communities

But about 12 years ago, I began to be stirred in my spirit to see prophets and prophetesses discovered, developed, and deployed into every realm of society. I am passionate about developing a global prophetic community that collaborates, communicates, and has a deep sense of true accountability. This would facilitate several key kingdom values:

  1. It would restore credibility back to the office of the prophet.
  1. It would create a platform for collective revelation. We each see in part, but together we have a more complete perspective.
  1. It would build a relational structure that would end the isolation that seems to plague the office of the prophet.
  1. It would help to create some core scriptural understanding and possibly some consensus to the New Testament role of the prophet and prophetess, including their purpose and their protocol.
  1. It would become a vehicle for prophets to learn and grow.
  1. It would create a platform where more mature prophets and prophetesses could evaluate the prophetic words that are released through the prophetic community. This would help define boundaries, as well as facilitate interpretation and application.
  1. It would also give prophetic leaders keys to help them shepherd the prophets in their metron.

There are many more benefits than these, but you get the idea.

This passion to see a thriving prophetic community led Dan McCollam and me to found a School of the Prophets 12 years ago.

Every year we gather prophetesses and prophets from around the world for 5 days of community, training, teaching, and connection. We gather 300-500 prophets, prophetesses and the people who lead them to grow their prophetic connections, expand their leadership gifts, and learn how to cultivate their prophetic communities.

This year we will be meeting August 15-19 at Bethel Church in Redding, California. If you are called as a prophet or prophetess and are hungry to be a part of a prophetic movement that impacts the world, then why not join us for five fun and faith-filled days in the Spirit?

If you lead a church (or ministry) and you want to understand how to develop and grow a prophetic community, this school is also for you!

God bless you. I hope to see you there!

You can register at http://www.ibethel.org/events/school.of.the.prophets/

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