Abraham Lincoln and the Rights of the Unborn - Kris Vallotton

February 15, 2016

Today is the day we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. He is one of my heroes! In spite of the fact that he fought for freedom and equality for African Americans, my soul is vexed over the fact that we are still allowing one person’s freedom to come at the demise of another human being’s life!

White people argued that they had a RIGHT to own and mistreat black people. Our constitution didn’t protect “Negroes'” rights because the constitution was only written to protect the rights of “humans” and Negroes weren’t considered human. 600,000+ soldiers died to right that wrong. Yet it would take another 100 years before African Americans finally realized the beginnings of equality.

As terrible as slavery was, an estimated 54 MILLION babies have died in America alone since 1973 in the name of women’s RIGHTS! Why doesn’t our constitution protect them? You guessed it: even though fetuses are male and FEMALE (women), they are not human! They are fetuses (Latin for “little one”), not people. Think about it ladies: if you get pregnant you are not carrying a baby in your womb. No, it’s a fetus, a blob, not a person.

I believe in empowering women to be equal with men in every way. I wrote an entire book, Fashioned to Reign, about the subject. But since when should one person’s freedom come at the expense of another person’s life?

I challenge those that are “pro-choice”: ask yourself how you can rationalize that a fetus is not a person? This isn’t a political or religious issue, this is Biology 101! Galileo was imprisoned for insisting that the earth revolves around the sun; even though he could prove it with the invention of the telescope, religion refused to embrace the facts.

Much like the days of Galileo, the invention of the sonogram proves beyond a doubt that a fetus is a person, but the religion of Humanism refuses to step into the 21st century and admit it. Like the slave owners of old, they want to argue “rights” because they can’t argue with science.

I am telling you that 20 years from now, those that are in favor of abortion will be thought of in the same light as Hitler’s genocide of the Jews, or those who slaughtered the Native Americans or the slave traders/owners of the UK and the USA.

The worst genocide in the history in the world is taking place on our watch in the name of “rights” and “redefinitions”.

Where are the Galileos of our day? We need brilliant scientists to stand against the ridiculous and stand for the obvious.

You can shut up the unborn, but you will never silence me and the growing army of the informed people from all walks of life.

If you have had an abortion, you are forgiven. Forgive yourself and then help others not make the same mistake. God’s not mad at you, He grieves for you! Come out of the closet of shame and make your voice heard. The little ones need you!

And finally, we need real answers for women who find themselves pregnant and unable to care for a child. They don’t need our wrath, they need our love.

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