Why Eternity Matters Now (More Than We May Realize) - Kris Vallotton

November 8, 2017

Do you feel like you can fully grasp the idea, and importance, of eternity? It’s not something we think about every day. Honestly most people may only think about it when they mull over the idea of death and where their soul will wander thereafter. The truth is that eternity has much more to do with us now than simply considering where we go when we die. The importance is for this life as much as it is for the next. Today I want to wake us up to the importance of understanding eternity while we are on earth. Does it matter? Absolutely. Why? Well let’s take a look…

Science Lost Infinity At The Big Bang

Albert Einstein said, “Science without religion is useless, religion without science is blind.” It’s highly unlikely that Einstein believed in Jesus as Savior and Lord, but he did believe in the Creator. In fact, Einstein had a hard time reconciling creation without a Creator.

In the last couple of decades science has gone through quite a transition, even to the point of redefining the meaning and means of science itself. Science was once rooted in the belief that given enough facts all reality could be observed, measured, and explained. Yet 21st Century science seems to have uncorked the proverbial Genie. It appears that the more the science community understands about the universe, the more they are exposed to a level reality that defies scientific explanation and “rational” thinking.

The challenge with all science is that it’s rooted in the finite, commissioned to explain the infinite. Take one of the the most common scientific theories; the “Big Bang” theory. The often overlooked fact is that the Big Bang theory, metaphorically speaking, doesn’t start on the first chapter of the book of reality! The theory begins with an explosion of matter (defined in various ways); but the question is, where did the elements come from? Someone ripped chapter one out of the science book! I mean, where in the universe did they shop for the elements that went bang?! How, in the confines of the laws of physics, did matter appear from nothing and nowhere? Furthermore, where did the universe come from that allowed the “Big Bang” to occur?

I have listened to interviews and debates by several different scientists on this subject who don’t believe in eternity and their answers range from ridiculous to humors. It’s not that these guys are dumb; they are not! It’s just that they have vetted their hypotheses to exclude eternal perspectives and infinite insights.

Creation, Eternity and Space

Well Kris, if you’re so smart, where do you think matter came from? The writer of the book of Hebrews explained it like this, “…what is seen was not made out of things which are visible.” In other words, the finite, visible world was birthed out of the infinite, invisible realm.

Here’s a different way to incision it: if you flew to the end of all the universes what would be there? Nothing, you say? But what is nothing?…If you are there it must be something! Does space go on forever and ever? Well, isn’t this a manifestation of eternity?

Where Is Heaven? Does God Live There?

I would like to suggest that God is not in heaven; heaven is in God! Think about it, Jesus said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away…” meaning they are not eternal. God is eternal, so where did God live before He created heaven? Well, another way to look at it is that God is in heaven because heaven is in God. When we get to heaven God will be there because it’s inside of God. In other words, the finite lives inside the infinite…time inside of timelessness…etc. God is in you, but remember He is also simultaneously in about 3 billion other people, so you can’t contain Him, you can only maintain Him. But the greater reality is that you are inside of God. The apostle Paul wrote, “In Him we live, move and have our being.”

Okay, back to the science question; what would you discover if you could fly to the end of the finite? You would discover the Infinite one! Solomon put it this way, “The heavens, the highest heavens cannot contain You…” The heavens cannot contain Him because God is a greater reality than His creation.

Eternity Is For Today

Alright, here’s another way to perceive eternity; when Jesus supernaturally healed the sick, He called it a “sign.” Why is it a sign; why isn’t it just a healing? The answer lies in the reason the person actually got healed. Let me explain; a miracle happens when a superior ecosystem superimposes itself over a inferior ecosystem. In other words, a world that transcends the reality of the laws of physics and the laws of nature, (a world where there is no sickness, death or even aging), crashed in on the sick person, resulting in the infinite imposing its superior will on the finite.

Jesus explained it like this, “Heal the sick, cast out demons and say to them, “The kingdom of God has come near you,” (Matthew 10). What is called a miracle in this realm, is the normal condition of the superior laws of the kingdom of God.

Infinite Resources of Heaven

If you know God then you were born-again into this superior kingdom as a new creation. Your responsibility is to demonstrate the new science of a transcendent realm here on earth! I hope that today you understand that eternity and heaven are things we should be demonstrating on earth today. Think about the infinite goodness that lies in an infinite God. His love has no end, His resources are immeasurable, and as His kids we have access to all of that. Now let’s bring it on earth as it is in heaven! How do you operate from an eternal perspective? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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