How To Find Rest In The Storms Of Life - Kris Vallotton

December 11, 2017

A reality of life is that sometimes we encounter storms and troubled waters. Whether it’s financial stress, relational turmoil, sickness, or loss and grief, the storms come and we weather them. So how did Jesus sleep through the storm? He held keys to peace that we all have access to, if we will take hold of them.

Check out this week’s Monday Motivation video for some encouragement in any storms you may be facing:

In a nutshell:

  • Psalm 119:99 says, “I have more insight than all my teachers, for Your testimonies are my meditation.”
  • Based on this verse, I know that I can act wiser if my testimonies are counseling me instead of my fears.
  • Did you ever notice that Noah didn’t build a boat, but an arc. There’s another hebrew word for “boat” that was not used to describe it (Genesis 6:18).
  • Did you know that when Moses was sent down the Nile it was in an arc (Exodus 2:3)?
  • When God commanded Moses to build a tabernacle, he was to build an arc and keep it in the middle where God would always be. It was to be called the arc of the testimony. (Exodus 25:21)
  • The point? You can be in a boat, or you can be in an arc. The vessel is the same but the difference lies in whether you’re trusting the laws of physics, or trusting the laws of God.
  • In a boat it’s the laws of physics keeping you afloat, in an arc it’s the laws of God. A boat floats on water but an arc floats supernaturally on His promises.
  • In Luke 8, the disciples got in a boat, but I think Jesus got in an arc. Jesus could sleep in the storm because He wasn’t trusting the laws of nature but rather the law of God.
  • God has already said that they were going to the other side, so Jesus had a prophecy. He’d been in other storms before and had walked on the water, so He had a testimony. These two keys sustained Him.

Activation for the Week

What’s carrying you through troubled waters; the law of nature or the law of the Lord? If you’re encountering stress and turmoil in the storm, then I want to exhort you today to pick up the keys that we have access to through Jesus—testimonies and prophecies. Take the storm you’re facing and then remember a time you’ve seen God come through; write it down. Then recall the prophecies that have been spoken over you (and if you haven’t yet; write them down). Recall these at the beginning of your day every day this week, and I believe that God will strengthen you and bring you peace so indescribable that you’ll be able to rest even in the biggest waves!

Are you facing the storms of life? What testimonies and prophecies are you holding onto? I’d love to hear about what you’re going through in the comments!

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