Friend of God - Kris Vallotton

October 26, 2016

I have never been able to read these verses without tears: “The LORD was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart..But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.” Gen. 6:6,8

Favor with God saved the world, and it can save a city near you. I want to be like Noah, a friend of God, who protects the heart of God. Favor can change the mind of God. Wow! What a thought! Israel knew God’s acts, but Moses knew God’s ways.

Special Privileges

Friends have special privileges. John 15 says I no longer call you slaves because a slave DOES NOT KNOW what the Father is doing. But I call you friends BECAUSE ALL THINGS I have HEARD FROM THE FATHER I MAKE KNOWN TO YOU!!!!

I want to know how God thinks so I can think like Him. I want to how to love like He does, feel like He does and help like He does. I don’t want to live by His rules, I want to live with Him and in Him and let Him live in me, through me and around me.

Hope to the Hopeless

I long to bring hope to the hopeless and make the joyless laugh! I really like to make people laugh – a lot. I think I grew up in so much pain that laughing became a door of hope for me. I like to make God laugh too! I want God to enjoy me. I think I entertain Him. He told me He thinks I am funny. I think He is too! I find so much humor in the Bible. I think God wrote much of it with a smile. So much of the Bible would be understood differently if we could see the expression on His face as He dictated the book.

This is my goal in life: to love God as a Father and friend, and to learn how to love people like He does. Even people who are unlovely – like I was – those days are over for me. If you knew me you would love me! I do!

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