How to Not be Insecure Around Leaders - Kris Vallotton

June 9, 2017

Have you ever been faced with an impossible problem and had no idea what the solution is? It’s a scary and vulnerable place to be, and I have been there plenty of times. For those of you who don’t know, I have the honor of traveling around the world to give counsel and prophetic insight to world leaders, who are often faced with big problems. The truth is that being in these situations can bring out all of my insecurities. I have no formal education or political background so there’s nothing on my resume that qualifies me for these meetings. Therefore, it’s easy for me to feel disqualified when I’m around these powerful people. Often times the lies start pouring in right before the meeting begins. Maybe you know the feeling of entering a room and feeling like you have nothing to bring to the table? It can leave you anxious and grasping for straws, or insecure and shutting down. Whether you’re a leader, or someone who influences leaders, check out today’s Flashback Friday video to hear about how God showed up for me when I was feeling inadequate:

Like I said, kings disciple kings, and slaves don’t disciple anyone. It’s time we begin to act like sons and daughters of the King, believing that we belong in places of authority! If we want to disciple entire nations, we have to become friends of God; friends who know they can call on Him when we’re faced with problems and have no idea what to do. He knows all things and He is desperate for people who will turn their ears to him.

The truth is that when insecurities come up, we have to strengthen ourselves and remember who we are and whose we are. We are sons and daughters of the King and our Dad rules the world, so we have access to all the answers in heaven! Do you have any testimonies of God showing up to give you answers in a time of need? How have you worked through feeling unqualified? I’d love to hear your stories and comments below!

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