Knowing and Owning Your “Why” - Kris Vallotton

September 11, 2017

Do you know why you’re alive in this very moment in history? Think about it: of all the times, in all the cities in the world, you are in this very specific moment, in your very specific place. Let me tell you that is not a mistake! You have an incredible destiny on your life and the world needs you to know it, and to own it!

I understand that when you’re on the journey to discovering your destiny it can be so easy to get caught up in the “what” and “how”—in what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. But the most important thing to remember is your “why.” Why you’re on the planet, why God chose you for this very moment, and why you ultimately said yes to Him. Today I want to encourage you with this inspiring video from my daughter-in-law, Lauren, to own your why today. Check it out:

Find Your Why

In a nutshell:

  • The Lord has put gifts and calls on your life that are different and unique, and He’s put you in this time on the earth for a very specific reason.
  • If nothing else, learn how to be a really good son or daughter of the King.
  • As we walk in relationship with God, He does give us vision and glimpses of our destiny. Will you accept His invitation to co-labor with Him?
  • We have to remember WHY we began the journey to our destiny in the first place.
  • The planet needs you to know who God made you to be, and be really excited about stepping up to that plate every single day.

Takeaway for the Week

As you read this, may God bless you with a supernatural ability to remember your reason for being, the reason why you were made to be on the earth in this very moment in time. I echo Lauren’s prayer that you would have supernatural confidence in who you were created to be and who you are in God. I want to encourage you with this thought for the week: there’s nobody else on the planet with your giftings and callings, so the world needs you to know and own how incredible and purposed you are!

Take some time today to remember the sweet moments of discovering your “why”. Maybe it was in your room by yourself with the Lord when a verse in the Bible jumped off the page for you for the first time and something leaped in your heart, knowing it had something to do with your future. Or maybe it was ugly-crying on the carpet in church being hit by God’s presence. Perhaps it was receiving a prophetic word that lit your heart on fire for a specific industry or people group. Whatever it was, stop now and remember it, thank God for it and hold that why in your heart. Let is fuel you this week in everything you do! I’d love to hear about your “why” moments in the comments! And I bless you with an even greater awareness of it this week!

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