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September 14, 2016

Many years ago, I had a powerful and vivid dream that will help clarify how to correctly apply core values to Biblical truth. In this dream I saw written words begin to flow in front of my eyes on something like a ticker tape running across a television screen. Words like holy, true, powerful, peaceful, and godly were moving from left to right across the screen. The words were flat, single dimensional, much like words typed on a piece of paper. Then, suddenly a loud voice thundered from eternity, shouting, “I am releasing a NEW OPERATING SYSTEM UPON MY PEOPLE!”

This proclamation created its own picture, a kind of living PowerPoint. The scene changed and the words were now falling like rain all around me. But this time the words were multi-dimensional, like 3D, yet alive. Some words were larger than other words. It was like you could see diverse aspects and perspectives of each word as you viewed it from different sides, sort of like looking at a car from the front, back, sides and underneath. I stepped into the vision and began to breath in the words as if they were oxygen. They were flowing in and out of me, forming the very attributes that each individual word contained. For example, when I breathed in the word peace, I suddenly became a peaceful man. When I inhaled the word courage it assimilated into my being and became cellular in my soul.

Alive with Revelation

The words were alive with revelation. Everything I knew about each word now seemed elementary, hardly capturing the full essence of the meaning and impact of the real truth. The revelation and implications of the words were not so much in their definition as in their experience. Let me try to describe it like this. I could define the word Corvette to you intellectually, but if I gave you a ride at 180 miles an hour in the car, the word Corvette would suddenly take on a whole new meaning. The original definitions were not wrong, but they seem almost irrelevant in light of an experience. In this dream, every word became a vehicle traveling at the speed of light, illuminating celestial realities and casting shadows on my finite understanding.

The Lord said to me, “I am creating a new operating system that can contain My revelation, for the former wineskin will rip under the weight of My Kingdom. The stagnant mindsets of religious structures must give way to a living organism that can embrace My dreams and empower My people.”

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