Prophets and the End of the World, Part 1 - Kris Vallotton

January 29, 2016

Interest over the new millennium during the last several years has brought the “doomsday” prophets out of prophetical hibernation. They seemingly hear God saying, “Let me show you 50 ways that I’m going to kill you”. As a native of California I am somewhat qualified as an expert on the subject of prophetic cataclysmic utterances.

No-Fly Zone

In 1997 my own parents moved out of the San Francisco Bay Area to avoid the wrath of a great earthquake prophesied to strike southern California. It was to destroy Hollywood for its immoral pollution of the media as well as San Francisco for its homosexual perversion. The word also predicted that Northern California would become ocean front property. My Mom and Dad relocated to Nevada, hoping to find a prophetic no-fly zone.

Just about the time my folks got settled, several prophets began to prophesy about an upcoming international famine. This became known around the world as the Y2K bug. This bug was going to judge us for making our intellect a god. It was the perfect “God scheme”. The whole plan was hidden in the foolishness of our brilliance. It seems that the Lord had blinded every computer nerd of the world to keep them from discovering soon enough that we would all be starving over the lack of a digit. What a way to go! There would be rioting in the streets. People would be fighting off the temptation to cannibalize their neighbors and children. Businesses would crumble overnight and governments soon after them. Some even predicted this would start the “mother of all wars”.

Thousands of generators were sold. Many people went as far as to purchase handguns to protect their food in the “name of the Lord”. My poor parents began to store food and water in a “Joseph like” plan to survive. But as soon as their shelves were fully stocked, God went and thought of yet another way to kill us. This time disaster would strike in the form of a meteorite. A new insight into the book of Revelation was the prophet’s claim. No one and no place would be safe.

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

In the midst of this prophetic storm, I began to seek the Lord with a new zeal for the truth. As I lay on the floor praying, Jesus started talking to me. He said, “I don’t destroy cities because of the abundance of the wicked. I only destroy them if there is a lack of righteous people”. He then took me to Genesis 18 and 19, where Abraham negotiates God down to ten righteous folks to save Lot in Sodom. God said to me “ask me how can I tell if there are enough righteous souls in a city to save it.” So I said “Jesus how do you tell if there are enough righteous to save a city?” He answered, “I prophesy a word of judgment. Then I wait to see if my people will rise up and cry out for mercy. That’s how mercy triumphs over judgment.” (James 2:13) This was the easiest test I had ever taken. God gives me the questions to ask, and He then tells me the answers.

Mantle of Intercession

Next God asked me another question. “Was Lot’s wife righteous or wicked?” Although I had preached for years that Lots wife was wicked for looking back to that sin city, somehow that just did not seem like the correct answer now. I found myself saying, “I don’t know.” God continued, “What was her name?” I responded, “I don’t know.” “What was Abraham’s wife’s name?” He asked. “Sarah,” I answered. (I was sure of that one.) “That’s right,” God said. “So she had an identity apart from Abraham.” Now I was getting it. Lot’s wife was not named because her identity was in Lot! “That’s right,” the Lord said. “Was Lot righteous or wicked?” he continued. “Righteous,” I replied. “What did she turn into when she looked back?” Jesus asked. “Salt,” I said. “What is salt?” God asked. “A preservative,” I said. “Yes! She lived with a mantle of intersession. She knew that they were preserving that city. She could not let go when I did. Her own ministry killed her,” God explained.

God reminded me of the words of Jeremiah 5:1, “Roam to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem, and look now and take note. And seek in her open squares; if you can find a man, if there is one who does justice, who seeks truth, then I will pardon her.” He also brought to mind the words of Ezekiel 22:30, “I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before me for the land, so that I would not destroy it; but I found no one.”

The Course of History

It is not the tail that wags the dog, but rather the dog that wags the tail. God said, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.” Thus it is the church that determines the course of history, not the world. It is no coincidence that as some of the prophets speak of destruction, that at the same time the largest move of intercession in the history of the world is rising up calling for mercy.

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