The Challenge with Attending Christian Conferences - Kris Vallotton

April 28, 2017

How many Christian conferences have you been to? I see so many people these days jumping from one conference to another, collecting revival hotspot badges along the way, as if being in a place where God is moving is a trophy for our Facebook or Instagram page. But after the conference, do you see the long-lasting impact of those revelatory moments in your life, or does it leave you longing for the next mountaintop experience?

I want to be clear—there isn’t anything wrong with going to many Christian events. It exhibits a hunger for the presence of God, to know Him more and to learn His ways. I speak at conferences and host a few of them here at Bethel. However, I think we are missing the point if we learn about God, but aren’t seeing the effects of the principles we learn in our lives. We have to take the things we pick up at conferences and put them to action to really see breakthrough. So, hungry conference hoppers, I want to encourage you to check out today’s Flashback Friday for more on the subject:

God’s heart is so much bigger than for you to carry around a bag full of seeds for the rest of your life. It’s time to plant, sow, cultivate and harvest the things that God has already given you. What has God deposited in your life that hasn’t grown yet? Will you say “yes” to His desire for faithfulness? Will you say “yes” to protect the sheep in your life so that you can prepare to kill giants down the road?

Today I pray for an awakening in your spirit to all the things that have been deposited in you over the years. I pray that the breath of God would blow over you, and release life and acceleration into a new season! I release you into breakthrough, into an awareness of your next step, and into an excitement for co-laboring with God to see fruit grow in your life! And I say that the fire in your heart that is burning and hungering for more will increase now in the name of Jesus!

Do you have a memory of a seed that was planted in you at a conference? What can you do today to put that seed in good soil? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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