Welcome to Ministry - Kris Vallotton

June 30, 2017

Are you working in a job that isn’t in the church, just waiting for your moment of breakthrough to build a personal ministry? I’m often asked how to get started in ministry, and I love that so many people burn with a passion to see God’s Kingdom come on earth! However, I think we get it wrong when we believe that the only way to be in ministry is to work for a church. Being a minister of the gospel has very little to do with our profession. The sacred isn’t limited to a church service. In fact, how can a light shine bright in an already lit room? It’s brightest in the darkest places. Check out this week’s Flashback Friday video to hear one of the most life-changing lessons I’ve learned on this subject from from Pastor Bill Johnson:

When you received Jesus, you became a part of a royal priesthood! The good news is that you have everything you need to start your personal ministry now! If you can pray, prophesy and see healing in the church, then what’s stopping you from working with Jesus in your workplace? Today I want to encourage you to get rid of the invisible line that separates the sacred in your life. Let’s take down the walls in our minds that relegate our ministry to “church work” and step out in boldness in our everyday lives.

To Him, the natural can all be supernatural. So then as His kids, let’s be partners with God to see His kingdom come on earth now, instead of waiting for someone in the church to recognize us, call us out or give us a place of leadership. Waiting for a title isn’t going to make you a better minister, but realizing He wants to co labor with you in everything just might. What’s one way you can begin to incorporate the supernatural in your everyday life? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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